Sundays at Grace

When you walk in on Sunday you will be greeted by the friendly smiles of shy people and a warm "hello" from more outgoing people. We have enough new people and visitors that some probably won't know its your first visit to Grace.

There is a hallway to your right as you enter. The restrooms are located on that hallway as well as the infant & toddler nursery area (for newborns to age 3).

The doors to your left as you enter leads to the worship area. Programs are on the stand next to the door. People come dressed in what is most comfortable to them. Worship music is mainly traditional songs set to modern music accompanied by acoustic guitar and keyboards. The church program contains any readings that might be done during the service (everything is in modern English). There is a special children's church time for kids age 4-7. The teacher will lead interested children out of the main service during the offering. The sermons explain a text from the Bible. Our pastor shares a lot of stories that help us understand the Bible passage better. His sermons usually last about 25 minutes on average.

After the service you will usually see people visiting with each other. You will hear the joyful noise of children playfully exploring the church building. Some people will probably want to welcome you and thank you for visiting. We are a community that genuinely cares about others.

What we believe

Ministries at Grace

There are several ministries at Grace you might be interested in. Click on the icons or pictures in this section to learn more about the ministries our church offers. As we grow we are adding more ministries. Check back regularly to see what's being added.

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Who is the PCA?



Chris Accardy

Worship Director

Reid Kelly

Office Manager

Honey Ledbetter